3D Printing Tips for Printing FilaCube PLA 2 filaments


Warping issue with FilaCube PLA 2 Filament. 

In January 2019, a customer reported a warping issue when he printed big parts with FilaCube PLA 2 black filament. We asked the bed temperature he used. He said 70 degree Celsius. We suggested him to lower bed temperature to 60 degree Celsius or further lower. Then the warping issue was gone. Usually PLA 2 filaments don't need a heated bed. For PEI bed, 60 degree Celsius will make it easier to take off the prints. 


Stringing issue on Ender 3 with Cura as the slicer

One customer had one Ender 3 and used Cura as the slicer. He got a stringing issue and then complained "Stringing Stringing Stringing" on a website. We contacted the customer and helped him fix the issue. The fix was very simple. The stringing issue occurred when the retraction speed was set 60 mm/s on Cura. We suggested the customer to try retraction speed 25 mm/s on Cura. The stringing issue was reduced significantly. Then the customer further found the best settings were retraction distance 6.5 mm at retraction speed 20 mm/s on his printer. Why did this trick work? After studying the G-code created by Cura, it was found that Cura applies 'wiping nozzle' when retraction speed is low. This is a good example that we help our customers fix the issues they encountered. If you have an issue with printing with FilaCube filaments, please contact Support@FilaCube.com and our support team will try their best to help. 


How to Print FilaCube 2.85mm PLA 2 filaments on a 3d Printer that uses 3mm filaments?

The nominal diameter of FilaCube 2.85mm filaments is 2.85mm, rather than 3.0mm. If there is a sensor set for 3mm, you can turn off the sensor or set the sensor to take 2.85mm filaments. If the prints are under-extrusion, you can increase the flow rate to 110% or 135%. You might need to try different flow rate for best results with your 3D printer.