Mint Green 1.75mm 3D Printer PLA 2 filament FilaCube 1KG Made in USA

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FilaCube PLA 2 Mint Green 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

After our popular Mint Blue PLA 3D printing filament, we release Mint Green PLA2 filament for 3D printer and 3D Pen (3Dpen, 3D-pen). Like Mint Blue, teal, turquoise or aqua, Mint Green is also one of the shades that sits between green and blue on the color wheel. Mint Blue filament looks more like a shade of blue than green. However, Mint Green filament is more likely to be considered a shade of green than blue. 

Mint fashion is everywhere in our daily life, from accessories to clothing and makeup to nail polish. Our 1.75 mm Mint Green 3D print filament will provide a great option for 3D printing professionals to make 3D printed green mint fashion. 

If you are a 3D printing professional, please check our bulk discount price. We provide free shipping for orders of three or more rolls. 

If you need only  one or two rolls, please order from our Amazon Mint Green listing or our FilaCube Amazon Store for all color options. 

Please read FILACUBE PLA 2 CHEAT SHEET AND TIPS for best print results.